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How our IT CRM can help you

Approximate Return On Investment from an IT CRM

Optimize sales cycle duration

Upto 22%

Increase customer retention

Upto 37%

Amplify lead conversion rates

Upto 55%

Reduce sales & marketing expenses

Upto 55%

Revenue boost per sales employee

Upto 60%

Maximize sales productivity

Upto 60%

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IT CRM Software

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IT CRM Hosting

We host

You host

Recommended for

Large, Medium & Small IT Business

Large & Medium IT Business

Plans start

10 users onwards

30 users onwards


Hosted on Amazon's Secure Servers

Security in your hands

Server management with you

CRM Integration & Customization

IT CRM Integrations

  • Our IT CRM can integrate with most ERP, accounting & other softwares

IT CRM Customizations

  • We are a one stop shop for IT CRM Customizations & Integrations

IT CRM Security

Unparallaled Security & Stability

  • It keeps your data safe
  • Regular back up
  • Securely encrypted critical data
  • Highly secure cloud servers

IT CRM Compatibility

Works seamlessly across
Desktops, Tablets & Smartphones




Payment Options for IT CRM

Cloud (we host)

One time & Maintenance

Server (you host)

One time & Maintenance

10 Key IT CRM Features

Grow IT business with CRM Software


Best for IT companies to track & manage leads


Never miss to follow up on leads


Track & Manage all your sales people


Create, Send & Follow up of quotations


Assign & Track sales targets


Centralised storage of data & contacts


Set service & payment reminders to clients & employees


Sales forecasting


Intelligent CRM analytics


Multiple device compatibility

Maximize productivity with detailed reports. Know your progress.


50 Plus CRM reports for IT business

IT CRM buyer's guide

Stepwise CRM evaluation and selection details


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What is an IT CRM?

  • Ans: An IT CRM is a customer relationship management solution which helps IT companies achieve sales targets, capture, follow up and convert leads. It also enables better sales efficiency and a penetrating business view.

Which businesses is the IT CRM applicable for?

  • -Design Studios
    -Hardware Companies
    -IT Services Companies
    -SEO Services Companies
    -Software Development Companies
    -Web Designing Companies
    -Web Development Companies
    -Other businesses in the IT industry

How secure is my data in the IT CRM?

  • Ans: The critical data for eg: Numbers, Email IDs, Phone numbers, etc. are encrypted in very secure encryption methods so that even anyone who is having access to the database would find it very difficult to decrypt data.
    The code is also encrypted to make sure that no one can fidget with it.

Do you provide a Mobile App?

  • Ans: Our IT CRM application works perfectly fine on the latest smart phones, tablets & desktops, and is completely responsive.

Can the IT CRM be customized?

  • Ans: Yes, we can customize the IT CRM to a certain extent.

Can the IT CRM be hosted on my server?

  • Ans: Yes, this is subject to the number of users required.
    Kindly contact our solution architect for more details.

How many days would it take for the IT CRM implementation?

  • Ans: The time would depend on various factors eg: "Are there any customizations?", "Which hosting option have you picked?", "Are there any extra reports required?", etc. A timeline could be given only after the above questions are answered.

Can the IT CRM be integrated with other softwares?

  • Ans: Yes, this is subject to what kind of integration is required.
    Kindly contact our solution architect for more details.

Can you customize the reports as per my needs?

  • Ans: Any extra reports can be added, the existing ones can not be changed. You can refer our demo to see all the reports.

Can the IT CRM integrate with my existing Email / SMS vendor?

  • Ans: No, we have a vendor for Email / SMS.
    Kindly contact our solution architect for more details.

What are the technical specifications of the IT CRM?

  • Ans: Our IT CRM is built on open source technologies, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).

Would the IT CRM work on macOS / Linux / Windows Operating Systems?

  • Ans: Yes, the IT CRM would work on all the latest versions of macOS / Linux / Windows operating systems.

How would you provide support?

  • Ans: We have a support ticketing process as given below:
    - You raise a support ticket
    - Our support team would solve your issue

    We also provide phone support from Monday to Friday between 10 am - 6 pm. We provide free support for the first year.

    For 24 * 7 live support, you would be charged extra.

Contact us for any information on

Whatsapp & Direct
(+91) 808 0041 500
(+91) 808 0041 600
Office Numbers
(+91) 920 9096 844
(+91) 920 9096 855
(+91) 932 4414 355
Office Timings
Mon to Fri - 10 am to 6 pm (IST)

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- Nidhi D

Our relationship started when their business had just commenced and their team size was small. Its been more than 9 years since they have been our vendors for software.

- Rahul Agrawal, Director
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